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Stories of NF: Rozalinda H (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 27 Jun 2024
It was the most challenging day of my life, to be honest ... That was a BIG SHOCK! None of my family has NF2-SWN; does that make me special? Huh, I don't know, maybe yes! ... It hurts me more than any symptom of NF and any pain. And there's a lot of pain.

Stories of NF: Shy (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 17 Jun 2024
I remember lots of tests coming after that. Lots of trips to children's hospitals, seeing a geneticist, MRIs. I felt weird knowing I was the only person in my family with NF ... It wasn't until I was 13 that I found NF camp.

Stories of NF: Madi & Ben (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 07 Jun 2024
I was diagnosed in 2020 at the age of 23 ... I was frustrated with all of my doctors growing up AND my dermatologist for not catching it sooner. I recently (end of 2022) gave birth to my son who also has NF1.

The Dark Rise of NF

Bitchute 01 Jun 2024
Go to the source via the article link to view the video or lcik the video icon ....

Story of NF: Shaborah B (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 30 May 2024
As an adult, I've suffered through adult bullies both in the workplace and random strangers who like to yell out hurtful things, people thinking I'm dangerous or someone to be afraid of, avoided, and often stared at.

Transient interactions modulate the affinity of NF-κB transcription factors for DNA

PNAS 28 May 2024
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Volume 121, Issue 23, June 2024 ... .

Stories of NF: Kristen B (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 21 May 2024
Growing up with NF, I lived in a lot of pain (still do) but then I didn't know what it meant or why I was feeling it, until I was older and could understand it better ... Living with NF impacts my life on a daily basis ... It's just one part of me.

Stories of NF: Owen M (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 18 Apr 2024
As a family, we had never heard of NF and came across Children's Tumor Foundation after searching for information online ... Throughout Owen's lifetime we've participated in CTF events to raise funds and awareness all in honor of our favorite NF hero.

Stories of NF: Blanchesca G (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 10 Apr 2024
My mom has told me how I got NF and it was when I was born, probably when the days were passing by she was worried she didn't know know what it was, the doctors checked me and told her that I had NF ... To get rid of NF forever.

Stories of NF: Charlie H (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 28 Mar 2024
Instead of worrying about school or friends, Charlie worries about how many doctors he sees each month, or how what procedures he needs to have done. NF has caused tumors to form all over his spine and throughout his body.

Stories of NF: Samantha G (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 18 Mar 2024
I was diagnosed with NF1 at the age of one ... As a person with NF, I live with lots of pain, as well as learning disabilities which makes it hard to find employment ... (My defining moment was at) NF camp, ...

Stories of NF: Kaetlynn N (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 07 Mar 2024
NF is in my family bloodline ... NF does not, and will not, impact my future ... But we all share that same struggle of being "born different." NF is an amazing, sad, beautiful, scary, and rewarding journey…and my journey isn't over yet.

Stories of NF: Conner B (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 22 Feb 2024
... both of my parents to tears ... I have had a total of 12 surgeries from NF-related surgeries, as well as injuries from sports I've done, that my ligaments and joints may not have been the strongest from.

Stories of NF: Lashonda W (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 08 Feb 2024
The whole process of finding out and experiencing NF, has been a defining moment for me ... along with NF; like memory issues, fatigue, and living with a partial lung (humidity/heat is not my friend).

Stories of NF: Jaxson & Sara (The Children's Tumor Foundation)

Public Technologies 24 Jan 2024
I had so much anxiety and felt so guilty because I gave him NF. Getting pregnant with my second was a huge surprise, she was born in 2022 and unfortunately she shows signs of NF as well ... I never knew I had NF, and I have been lucky.

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